Request for Proposals: P2G Police Clearance Scoping and feasibility – Vanuatu Individual Contractor

The Pacific Financial Inlusion Programme is looking for a individual contractor for a scoping and feasibility study assessing the Police Clearances process with a view to establish opportunities for digitization of the related payments process, including mapping the existing payment flows (Person to Government or P2G).

The objective is to scope out the feasibility of setting up (i) a digital process for processing and issuing police clearance certificates and (ii) introducing digital payment options to reduce client costs and improve efficiency of operations. Digitizing payments and promoting electronic payments in government channels is a key focus area within the Vanuatu National Financial Inclusion Strategy (2018-2023). The Reserve Bank of Vanuatu is the lead institution responsible for implementing the NFIS and along with support from UNCDF’s Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme, Ministry of Finance and Economic Management and Vanuatu Police Force, coordinates the P2G Police Clearance Project in Vanuatu. The Vanuatu Police Force has the vision of a modern and professional police force united in delivering policing service, in partnership with our communities for a safe and secure Vanuatu. The Force administers the Police clearances payments process for all Police clearances for Vanuatu residents. Payment flows (P2G) for Police clearance activities are predominantly via cash. The Force has other payment flows as part of its normal business operations. It is understood that these payment forms use cash, cheque, voucher and direct debit transfers.

Scope of Work:

• work closely with the Police Force and a cross-cutting digital projects team that is to be set up within the Police for this activity; 

• identify and map the existing payment flows for firstly the Police clearances and secondly, for all other transactions, estimate the transaction volumes, values and frequencies as well as the modes of payments (cash, cheque and digital);

• work with the Force’s legal team to review existing legislation and regulations to come up with suggestions for introducing digital payment options for the Police clearance payments and for all other payments received or paid by the Force and making the same compulsory after required field testing and pilot roll out;

• work closely with the Force to identify cost drivers, map out potential areas for cost reductions through digital payment options and recommend one or more payment channel options;

• assist the Force’s IT team to review their administrative set up, IT systems and CRM to assess and recommend necessary changes;

• prepare budgets and estimates for the above changes, introducing digital payment channels; and

• report directly to PFIP, provide recommendations on the level and nature of PFIP support towards a possible digitization of payment flows project.

• will provide approximates of cost/time savings for applicants/users if they use digital payment channels.

The full advert can be found here. Application deadline is 14 February 2020.