RSS Feed

Adding PFIP RSS Feed into your RSS Reader

There are many RSS Readers out there.  In our example we will show you how to add the PFIP RSS Feed into the Feedly app.

  1. From the RSS Feed XML file, copy the URL (


  2. Paste the URL into your RSS Reader – for Feedly you will paste this onto the search box.  This should find the exact feed you are after.


  3. Add the PFIP RSS Feed’s URL right after – so this means your URL should look like this


  4. Type this URL ( into your browser.  You should see a message to “Follow this feed using Feedly” and “Follow Now” button.  Clicking this button will open the feed in Feedly.  You will have succeded in adding the PFIP RSS Feed into your Feedly app.

For any further information about adding RSS Feed into your RSS Readers – you may refer to this link for more information.