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Son’s insurance supports family after his passing

The Naibuka’s said their son’s insurance payout was very helpful as he was the main income earner in the family. The payout also helped ease some of the financial stress from hosting Manasa’s Vaka Bogidrau, a traditional Fijian celebration feast held 100 nights after his burial which was attended by 70 households in Vunavutu Village. Many of the villagers were interested to learn about BIMA and how they too could get the insurance cover.

Insurance helps Tuicakau cope with illness

Tuicakau Nawaiciono, a 57-year-old retired civil servant, believes that more Fijians should think about taking out insurance for their family’s well-being and protection.

UN-supported microinsurance partnership showcased at 12th International Microinsurance Conference

Colombo, Sri Lanka– BIMA credits its philosophy of putting customers at the heart of its business with its achievements in advancing insurance coverage in the region. BIMA recently shared its astounding progress and regional expansion plans in the Pacific at the 12th International Microinsurance Conference (IMC) in Sri Lanka that ran from 15 – 17 November...

by Monika Singh A PARTNERSHIP between Digicel Fiji, BIMA and Dominion Insurance Company is expected to benefit members of the public who are interested in getting an insurance cover for their family. A statement from Digicel Fiji yesterday said Digicel Fiji, BIMA and Dominion Insurance Company would work in partnership to take a revolutionary new...

New partnership enables affordable insurance for low income earners

Suva, Fiji A simple text message is all it will take Pacific Islanders to sign up to new microinsurance products providing a crucial safety net for families. BIMA, a world-leading mobile micro-insurance provider, and the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) have launched their second major joint initiative that will provide microinsurance products to underserved communities...