An inclusive financial system is only possible in an enabling policy and regulatory environment.  PFIP works directly with policy makers and financial system regulators to create an enabling space for the innovation that leads to financial inclusion. PFIP has worked closely with the region’s regulators as they have crafted regulatory frameworks to enable financial service innovation, particularly in the area of DFS and microinsurance. Central Banks have also taken the lead in driving National Financial Inclusion Strategies (NFIS) and establishing multi-sector task forces (NFITs).
PFIP will continue to support policymakers as they refine regulations related to emerging innovations. At the same time, PFIP will actively promote the expansion of digital G2P/P2G payment programmes. This is the single most important action that governments can take to improve a large and important class of financial transactions and introduce large numbers of people to DFS platforms.


National Financial Inclusion Strategies and Taskforces

PFIP has worked with 6 Pacific Island nations to develop national strategic frameworks aimed at advancing financial inclusion.

Pacific Islands Regional Initiative

PFIP is active in supporting PIRI as a key knowledge-sharing platform for the region's central banks.

Money Pacific Goals

Regional goals to provide all children with financial education, providing appropriate consumer protection & halving financial exclusion.

Regulatory Impact Assessments

PFIP supported the Reserve Bank of Fiji to conduct a groundbreaking Regulatory Impact Assessment in support of evidence-based policymaking.