PFIP’s market information work supports the other workstreams with in-depth market research. PFIP’s market research has been a foundation for the formulation of the National Financial Inclusion Strategies (NFIS) and key regulations in the Digital Financial Services (DFS) sector, as well as a data source for service provider business models.
PFIP will continue to work with regulators to gather data and publish indicators that capture the evolution of customer adoption of new channels and services. Additional market research will be focused on information required for service innovation and G2P/P2G initiatives. Additionally, PFIP will continue to play an active role in the region in stakeholder coordination through Pacific Island Regional Initiative (PIRI) to promote a culture of learning and working collaboratively.


PoWER Study: Participation of women in the economy realized

Participation of Women in the Economy Realized - diagnostic is a mixed-methods approach combining qualitative and quantitative insights

Impact Pathways

A tool to measure the intricate role of digital finance in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals There is a growing body of

National Demand Side Surveys

PFIP spearheaded nationally-representative surveys to identify the state of financial inclusion, in collaboration with 5 central banks.

FNPF – Voluntary micro pension research & pilot

Research and piloting of new pension products targeted at employed Fijians without pension schemes.

Microinsurance Demand Assessment

Studies undertaken in Fiji and Papua New Guinea to evaluate the demand and potential for microinsurance products.

Pacific Financial Competence Studies

Pacific Financial Competence Studies were undertaken to develop an understanding of household financial awareness and capabilities.

SINPF – Voluntary Micro pension Research

Research and piloting of new pension products targeted at employed Solomon Islanders without pension schemes.

Capital Insurance – Property Insurance Research

Insurance market research undertaken in Papua New Guinea to assess the suitability of two innovative inclusive insurance products.

Digital Financial Services Regulatory Handbook

In partnership with MM4P, UNSW and CIFR, PFIP supported the development of a Regulatory Handbook on Digital Financial Services.

Financial Diaries

The Financial Diaries project is a micro-level study of how poor households engage with formal, semiformal and information services.

Financial Services Sector Assessment

PFIP reports providing an analytical snapshot of the financial services landscape from a financial services sector perspective.

Pacific Microfinance Week

PFIP is a lead sponsor of the region’s premier microfinance event, the biennial Pacific Microfinance Week.