PacFarmer App

Partner: ITGalax Solutions

Country: Fiji

Grant: USD 100,000 (51% of total project cost)

Date: April – November 2018

Current Reach: 600+



In most Pacific countries, including Fiji, agriculture is a critical part of the economic output and the key to enabling farmers to improve their productivity and consequently their livelihoods are through easy access to finance, concurrent and updated agricultural and market information, support related to agricultural inputs . In Fiji, agriculture is the mainstay of Fiji’s economy, contributing around 28% to total employment in the formal sector and indirectly employing many more. This sector which was once a major stronghold of Fiji’s economy is the third largest now, contributing $451 million (9%) annually to the nations GDP.

Farmers and agricultural producers are a critical part of the economic output and the key to enabling them to improve their productive output and income capacity is through easy access to finance, concurrent and updated agricultural & market information, support related to agricultural inputs and easily accessible information on monies earned for selling their produce.

The Fiji agriculture sector covering nearly 63,0002 farmers struggles for easy access to finance, concurrent and updated agricultural & market information, including crucial information such as changing weather patterns.



PacFarmer App

The PacFarmer App is a multifunction platform aimed at farmers, market vendors, middlemen, exporters and all other entities engaged in agro produce. It aims at promoting an extended marketplace amongst farmers, providing relevant information on government initiatives/grants, providing updated and current weather details, providing produce price details at the market level etc. The vision of PacFarmer app is to achieve following goals:

  • Access to finance;
  • Access to relevant agricultural information (access to extended market through marketplace feature); and link producers with markets/buyers.
  • Access to digital ledger and financial information. To build a digital financial transaction history with a view to provide digital credit

Access to finance: Facilitating easier and faster payments for farmers, provide a platform for enabling micro-credit, insurance and other financial products. The App will link to Vodafone’s M-PAiSA and Digicel’s Digi-money mobile wallets, enabling an easy payment gateway for top-ups, utility payments, and money transfer. The platform shall remain operator agnostic and would aim at integrating maximum possible payment

Access to relevant agricultural information: Access to all information related to agriculture especially aimed at market linkages through features such as virtual market place providing price inputs, buyer details, supplier details etc. Other information such as weather, news on agriculture, government schemes for farming segment etc. are available as features on the app. The features can be customized to suit a particular category of farmers and their cooperatives or agencies that deal with them.

Access to digital ledger and financial information: The App will allow farmers to login with unique ids and passwords to view their earning and payments ledger in a simple and easy to understand graphical representation. The app shall facilitate maintenance of digital records of supply, revenue and other deductions (such as VAT, cess etc if any applicable on a case to case basis) that are options for ease of consumer usage. Replication can be done with other mobile money services in other countries as well.