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Country: Fiji, Samoa, Tonga

Product: International Remittance Service

Partner: KlickEx

Date: September 2011-December 2012

Grant: USD $395,000

Target: 39,000 Active Clients

Current Reach: 96,868 unique clients (as of 31st December 2016)

Project Status: CLOSED


Remittances play an important role in the Pacific, with the World Bank estimating that Pacific Island Countries receive annual remittances of around $470 million.

In Samoa and Tonga, for example, the World Bank estimates international remittance flows make up approximately a quarter of GDP, while in Fiji the figures is around five percent. According to the demand side surveys, 56% of Samoan adults received some form of remittance income in the past year, while 23% of Fijian adults received remittances.

Remittance senders, usually family members working overseas, can either send money through a bank transfer or a remittance transfer service. In both Fiji and Samoa, international remittances are largely sent by remittance transfer services. Comparatively, remittance transfer services are cheaper, quicker and have less requirements than costly bank transfers. In addition, they do not require recipients to have access to a bank account. 



KlickEx’s international remittance service offers a cheaper remittance product, delivered through a partnership with Digicel Mobile Money to provide a low cost, convenient, fast and safe remittance service for both banked and unbanked clients in the Pacific. This service will allow families to spend less while sending and receiving money.

In addition to providing a cheaper remittance service, KlickEx also leads to familiarity with the Digicel Mobile Money platform, encouraging users to access other payment services as well as building mobile savings.



KlickEx facilitated greater access to the lower cost remittance service by assisting in developing partnerships in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. Funds in the ‘send’ countries are transferred via internet banking services or with over the counter cash payments into the Digicel Mobile Money (DMM) Service and from there are remitted within 5 minutes to the destination DMM wallet in the recipient Pacific Islands. Recipients can then withdraw cash or use their mobile wallet to pay bills, for savings or top up phone credit.

The lowered cost of international remittances is a result of KlickEx’s electronic exchange system operates as an auction that matches small buyers and sellers to exchange currencies, keeping costs down.


About KlickEx

Based in Auckland, KlickEx is a currency exchange service, specializing in providing low cost, fast and trusted currency exchange services to individuals and small and medium sized businesses. The inexpensive service especially benefits low-income clients sending remittances between New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji.

Website: http://www.klickexpacific.com/