ANZ – Expansion of goMoney

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ANZ – Expansion of goMoney

Country: Solomon Islands

Partner: ANZ

Date: Sept 2016 – June 2019

Grant: USD $175,000

Target: 24,000 new or newly activated customers

Current reach: 22,004 (Dec 2018)





Approximately 40,000 households (35% of the population) in the country have some linkage with the coconut value chain, either as coconut farmers, farm laborers, transporters, buyers or exporters etc. Most value chain members are rural and far from existing banking services. Sales and purchases are conducted almost exclusively in cash, and this, combined with the lack of banking services creates significant cash handling challenges for both buyers and sellers.


ANZ’s goMoney™ platform and cash merchant network is already operational in the Solomon Islands and can be easily implemented in new geographic areas.

The project will focus on a rural population that participates in an agricultural value chain, largely small holder farmers. This is an opportunity to test the theory that customers will see value in using mobile money for sales and purchases and hopefully inspire customers to use the mobile money channel for other financial services, including savings and bill payments.



The project will test whether Digital Financial Services can deliver benefits to households, businesses and all other individuals involved in the coconut value chain.

The project will consist of a core design team that will coordinate the roll out of the cash merchant network and customer enrollment and lead the development of services related to customer acquisition and financial service delivery.

The initiative will be developed through an “Innovation Lab” approach, using human centric design to develop and test new products and services that will appeal to the target segment and ride on ANZ’s existing digital channel platform, with the aim of designing a commercially successful business line.


About ANZ goMoney

ANZ goMoney™ is a mobile banking service that allows customers to access their ANZ accounts securely from their mobile phone.
ANZ has rolled out the goMoney digital channel + cash merchant network in PNG, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, signing up nearly 150,000 customers between 2013 and the end of 2015.  The mobile technology enables customers to make cash deposits and withdrawals with their bank accounts at cash merchants and conduct transactions directly on their mobile phones.