PFIP believes in strengthening financial competencies of clients so that they can better leverage business and financial access opportunities to improve their livelihoods. PFIP has supported financial literacy and education campaigns with national school systems, financial service providers, and empowerment programs.  PFIP also supports policy makers and service providers in the development of consumer protection regimes.  


Financial Education Fiji

PFIP has worked closely with the Fijian Government since 2011 to integrate financial education into classrooms nationwide.

Regional Financial Education Initiative

PFIP engages with PNG, Samoa & Solomon Islands governments to support integration of financial education into school curricula.

Consumer Protection

PFIP is supporting the Pacific Islands Regional Initiative to strengthen consumer protection frameworks and supervision of market conduct.

Consumer Credit Act

PFIP is partnering with the Fijian government to undertake a revision of the Fijian Consumer Credit Act to protect consumers' interests.