Financial Literacy

Screen shot 2016-08-31 at 8.34.20 PMPrior to PFIP’s involvement, financial competency in the Pacific region was low, with little focus on building financial competencies of low-income households. As a result of PFIP’s interventions, financial literacy is a major policy driver for most Pacific Islands, with all national financial inclusion strategies including financial literacy targets.

PFIP commissioned financial competency surveys to establish a baseline and identify the areas for curriculum development, and has played a strong advocacy role with relevant government ministries and central banks across the region. A major breakthrough came with the endorsement of the Money Pacific Goals in 2009, which include specific goals for financial education to be met by 2020:

  1. All children to receive financial education through core curricula
  2. All adults to have access to financial education.



For more details, see FinEd Fiji and FinEd Regional Implementation