PFIP_Tonga_Highlights_FinalIn Tonga, as at June 2018, PFIP partnerships has led to over 138,538 clients receiving access to remittance or mobile money products and services.

In 2016, PFIP and the National Reserve Bank of Tonga co-published a large scale demand-side survey, building a comprehensive picture of the country’s financially underserved segments, including women. The results are being used as the main evidence base in developing the country’s first national financial inclusion strategic plan.

PFIP is supporting the National Reserve Bank of Tonga in developing the country’s National Financial Inclusion Strategic Plan, based on clear global and regional mandates from Tonga’s Maya Declaration and MoneyPacific Goals commitments.

In 2016, the National Reserve Bank of Tonga’s dedication to financial inclusion was recognised through their win of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion’s Maya Declaration Award.

In February 2019, PFIP announced a partnership with the Tonga Development Bank to develop new digital financial services using its digital remittances platform Ave Paánga Pau Platform.