Zero Fees On Money Transfer Until July

May 16, 2020

Vodafone Fiji today announced a partnership where the M-Paisa platform will for the next two months offer free remittances.

This means that people can send money locally and internationally with no fee imposed from 15th May 2020 until the 14th of July 2020 for both domestic and international remittances that are made using the M-PAiSA payment.

The initiative is introduced with the support of partners, the Pacific Financial Inclusion Program, and global money transfer.

The Reserve Bank of Fiji says this initiative will contribute positively to the economy as it will allow for the much need foreign reserves during this difficult economic environment.

Vodafone believes that the initiative will assist families relying on remittances from their family members living abroad to cover expenses.

Vodafone Head of E-Commerce Shailendra Prasad says to make it easy for the financial assistance flow to the people in need, Vodafone Fiji together with its International money sending partners abroad namely World Remit, Ria Money Transfer, and Thunes have agreed to provide free of charge sending money to M-PAISA in Fiji.

PFIP’s Programme Manager, Bram Peters commented “We have seen from early reports from the World Bank and other organisations on the global impact of COVID-19 that it has a significant impact on the volume and frequency of remittances.

Vodafone Fiji had also enabled sending of money locally via M-Paisa at no fee.