Zero Fee on Vodafone M-PAiSA Local and International Money Transfer

May 16, 2020

People can send money for free from tomorrow using Vodafone M-PAiSA for the next two months.

This comes after Vodafone Fiji and the United Nations’ Pacific Financial Inclusion Program today announced a partnership where Vodafone M-PAiSA will offer free remittances into Fiji on the M-PAiSA platform with the support of WorldRemit, RIA Money and Thunes.

Vodafone Fiji Head of eCommerce and Corporate Affairs, Shailendra Prasad as Fiji and the world navigates through a very difficult period in our history due to COVID 19 pandemic, the harsh realities of economic and psychological impact on people is now becoming an everyday concern.

Prasad says many have lost their jobs or working reduced hours which is affecting their take-home pay.

Vodafone with the support of its global money transfer partners will waive all fees from 15th May, 2020 until 14th July 2020 for both domestic and international remittances that are made using the M-PAiSA payment platform.

United Nations’ Pacific Financial Inclusion Program, Programmes Manager, Bram Peters says they have seen from early reports from the World Bank and other organizations on the global impact of COVID-19 that it has a significant impact on the volume and frequency of remittances.

Peters says with the impact of TC Harold on top of COVID-19, many Fijian families are hit with a double whammy and they need this source of income more than ever before.

The Reserve Bank of Fiji Governor Ariff Ali says this will help in much needed foreign currency during this difficult economic environment to sustain the balance of payments and foreign reserves.

The free money transfer service from overseas to M-PAiSA is available through WorldRemit on its global online platform covering countries of Australia, New Zealand, USA, and UK.

Free sending over the counter service through walk-in outlets of RIA Money Transfer will be available in 94 countries from tonight.

The online platform for Thunes will also be enabled for free transfer of money to M-PAiSA from later tonight.

SOURCE: Fiji Village