Sugar Cane Growers Covered Under New Insurance Initiative

August 2, 2017

The Sugar Cane Growers Fund (SCGF), acting chief executive officer Vimal Dutt yesterday announced a new insurance scheme initiative approved by the SCGF Board that will benefit approximately 12,000 cane farmers.

Mr Dutt stated that “beginning 1 July 2017, all cane growers or their beneficiaries will be covered under this insurance scheme at no cost to the farmers”.

He added that this special insurance product, the first of its kind to in Fiji, is provided by Fiji Care Insurance Limited and provides the following covers:

  • Death $3,000
  • Fire $3,000
  • Personal Accident $3,000
  • Funeral $1,000

TOTAL $10,000


Mr Dutt also confirmed that the Fund will pay the insurance scheme premiums for the next three years which means that growers will not have to pay anything.

He elaborated that all farmers below the age of 65 years are covered for death, personal injury, funeral costs and house fire.

For farmers above the age of 65 years, this new initiative provides a cover for their house while their next of kin is covered for death, personal injury and funeral costs.

A review of the Scheme will be undertaken in 2020.

The premium payments for the product will be funded from the Fund’s operations with support from the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC).

The Pacific Financial Inclusive Programme also collaborating with Fund to provide financial support towards the administration, marketing and awareness of this insurance product.

Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) chief operating officer, Navin Chandra voiced his support for the initiative which is expected to provide security and confidence to the farmers.

Sugar Cane Growers Council CEO, Sundresh Chetty, said “this insurance scheme will greatly assist the farmers and their family members during times of misfortune”.

For more information, farmers are encouraged to contact their nearest Sugar Cane Growers Fund (SCGF) office, the Sugar Cane Growers Council or FSC Sector offices.

SOURCE: Fiji Sun