Basic insurance cover for dairy farmers currently in the works – Fiji Village

October 4, 2017

There is good news for dairy farmers around the country as the Fiji Cooperative Dairy Company Limited is working on providing basic insurance cover for them.

262 dairy farmers supply milk under the Fiji Cooperative Dairy Company Limited while there over 100 other dairy farmers who conduct their operations themselves.

Fiji Cooperative Dairy Company Limited’s CEO Sachida Nand says they have today signed a Letter of Engagement with the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme and this will enable mutual field research on the possibilities and demand for a specialised micro-insurance for dairy farmers under Fiji Cooperative Dairy.

He says dairy farmers are expected to start accessing this new initiative by the end of this year.

Nand says they are currently supplying 7 million litres of milk annually for local consumption.

Dairy farmers are currently paid 92 cents a litre for premium quality of milk, 78.9 cents a litre for first grade milk and 65.87 cents a litre for second grade milk.