Training for market vendors

February 19, 2016

WOMEN market vendors make up 87 per cent of the markets in Fiji and should be trained in financial literacy and good business practices.

UNDP Market for Change training and research co-ordinator Cema Bolabola made this remark to the Nausori market vendors who received their certificates for the Continuing Market Business Education program.

The program, in partnership with Westpac Fiji, consists of three rounds of training in financial literacy, improving the market business and the final round of seminars and a financial fair at the market.

“The main aim of this program is to strengthen women market vendors,” Ms Bolabola said.

Out of the 86 participants, 32 were present on the day to receive their certificates.

Four of the participants were male market vendors.

Nausori Town Council acting CEO Deo Narayan said the initiative would be a huge boost for the market vendors in improving their market sales.

“The training started last year and they have completed the training and we are proud of them,” Mr Narayan said.

“From the old market to this new one, we are empowering them to change their business style and attitude so they can prosper more in this new market.

“We are upgrading their skills so that when we move over to the new market, it is like a new chance for them to start over and revamp their business.”

Source: Fiji Times