Report: Women more aware of support services

January 4, 2016

PACIFIC women are easily accessing crises support services and this is an indication that women are now aware of places to get help from when faced with personal problems.

This is contained in a report titled Pacific Women Sharing Pacific Development: First Progress Report 2012 – 2015.

The report states that 12,897 women in 14 Pacific countries have access to various crises support services, which includes counselling, health and legal support services.

The report, which is a combined effort between 14 Pacific countries and the Australian Government, says 4716 women are now participating in market decision-making structures and are a part of the market vendors association and influencing market governance structures.

About 1700 women have participated in a variety of training from accessing financial services to running small businesses; to improve their financial literacy and 563 women have obtained formal qualifications that range from sectors of tourism, fashion and carpentry.

A major support service provider in Fiji, the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre has provided support services to 35,305 new clients and 43,051 repeat clients since its establishment in 1985.

“Most recently in 2014, FWCC provided counselling services to 1957 new clients and 3153 repeat clients,” the report said.

“Training and awareness was provided to 1385 men 5293 women and 6515 children through 147 training sessions in 2014.

“In the same year, FWCC assisted 52 women with accommodation needs.”

Source: Fiji Times