Partnership to benefit insurance service seekers

October 25, 2016

by Monika Singh

A PARTNERSHIP between Digicel Fiji, BIMA and Dominion Insurance Company is expected to benefit members of the public who are interested in getting an insurance cover for their family.

A statement from Digicel Fiji yesterday said Digicel Fiji, BIMA and Dominion Insurance Company would work in partnership to take a revolutionary new insurance service that every Fijian family could access.

It said BIMA launched its services last month and since then 7000 clients had already signed up and more were interested to join the services.

According to Digicel, the insurance covers were registered and paid for using mobile phones and the two products, Bimalife and Bimahealth were designed to bring the power of insurance to everyday Fijians, equipping them with a powerful tool to protect their family.

Reserve Bank of Fiji governor Barry Whiteside said: “The provision of inclusive insurance is an important area that the Reserve Bank, National Financial Inclusion Taskforce and the insurance industry have been working on because this provides low cost insurance products to the vast majority of the Fijian population that do not currently have any form of insurance protection.

“The inclusive insurance product offered by BIMA through a digital platform no doubt offers such an opportunity to our people and we congratulate them,” said Mr Whiteside.

Meanwhile, Digicel Fiji CEO Darren McLean said they were excited to bring Bimalife and Bimahealth to their customers.

“We believe that mobile is more than just a tool for communication, it’s a platform that can bring valuable new services to our customers. Digicel is proud to bring this the first-of-its-kind offering to Fiji,” said Mr McLean.

Simon Schwall of BIMA said Bimalife and Bimahealth were a new kind of insurance.

“These simple, easy-to-access products make it possible for everyone to protect their family; with cover from BIMA, you know that your loved ones will be looked after no matter what happens. We believe that insurance is a powerful service that everyone should be able to access,” said Mr Schwall.

“Digicel and BIMA’s innovative use of mobile technology allows us to insure people who we simply couldn’t reach before. This partnership will transform the insurance landscape in Fiji and play a vital part in driving financial inclusion across the country,” said Jason Nili, Dominion Insurance CEO, which underwrites this insurance service.

To register FREE, you can dial *2462# or call the BIMA call centre on 2462 (FREE) or 773 2462.

Source: Fiji Times