Financial Education (Fiji)

February 6, 2016

THE central bank yesterday drove through the rough terrain mountains in Namosi to spread the gospel of financial education to students who do not have the privilege to access financial literacy trainings and technology such as students in the urban areas.

It is no better place than launching their student diary as the initiative of the Reserve Bank of Fiji promotion of financial literacy.

Speaking to more than 300 students of Namosi Secondary School, central governor Barry Whiteside said the student diary was part of the bank’s work to help students learn about money and how to manage it and at the same time students could use it to organise their time and work.

This is the sixth year of the bank’s production of the student diary and a total of 4000 copies have been printed and this will be distributed to 26 secondary schools around the country, mostly in the rural and maritime areas and Namosi Secondary School was the first to get them.

The theme for this year’s diary is “Money Talks, I should Bank or Invest”. It highlights students the different things that they can do with money that they may earn.

“In this time and age it is very important for us to know how to manage our money wisely,” Mr Whiteside says.

He says financial security is and will always remain one of the most critical things in our lives and you (students) will learn and understand how you can achieve this.

Mr Whiteside says the setting of goals and working towards achieving them is an important aspect of life and this should be instilled in them while they were young.

School principal Filomena Usa said the launch coincided with the school’s Maths Week and they were grateful for the computers and a printer that were donated to the school by the bank.

ANZ Bank and Unit Trust of Fiji were part of the launch at Namosi yesterday.

SOURCE:  Fiji Times