Post Fiji, A New Platform For Handy Finance Customers

October 14, 2015

More than 6000 Handy Finance customers will have the option to pay loan instalments at all Post Fiji Limited locations now.

This has been made possible after a memorandum of understanding was signed yesterday between Handy Finance and Post Fiji.

The three year agreement will allow Post Fiji offices to collect the loans on behalf of Handy Finance and remit the same to Handy Finance at periodic intervals.

Post Fiji board chairman, Lawrence Tikaram, said the new venture allows better coverage of service.

He said: “This enables us to provide our platform of available outlets around Fiji to enable everyday Fijians to engage in financial services.

“With this, I am sure we will be able to extend our services and make it appropriate to every ordinary Fijian.”

This new platform of increasing customer service has the potential to widen the scope of Handy Finances Business by reaching out to people from islands and areas which have not been covered.

Handy Finance managing director Joyce Mano said: “Through this partnership, we will help give our customers alternative in reaching the unreached ones especially in the rural sector.”


New revenue

The business partnership between the two entities will not only be for the existing and potential customers of Handy Finance, but also provides a new stream of earning for Post Fiji.

Post Fiji, as value-added services, will on the other hand provide and develop education to potential Handy Finance customers through the tikina and provincial connections.

More importantly, this partnership is in tune with the present Government’s Policy of extending Financial Inclusion services and opportunity to  people who are not yet able to take advantage of the financial products in Fiji.

Mr Tikaram said the Post Fiji platform will continue to be wider and stronger.

“We have invested quite heavily in terms of our internal support to ensure when agreement as such are signed we can support the system,” he said.

Handy Finance is a company based in Papua New Guinea and it has been operating in Fiji since 2008

Source: Fiji Sun