National Financial Inclusion Strategy Workshop – Fiji

August 29, 2016

On 13 November the Reserve Bank of Fiji in partnership with the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme will host a consultation workshop to seek stakeholder’s participation in agreeing on Fiji’s National Financial Inclusion Strategic Plan (2016-2020). The proposed strategy is formulated to build on the achievements from the first national strategy (2010-2014) and the results from the demand side survey and other reports published over the years.

The opportunities for expanding financial inclusion in Fiji include:

  1. Expanding account ownership among the unbanked;
  2. Increasing the use of accounts among those who already have an account; and
  3. Improve the quality of existing financial services targeted to the recently included and excluded.

This strategic plan will be achieved through a multi-stakeholder, integrated approach as has been established under the National Financial Inclusion Taskforce framework. Under this framework there is a need for the support and collaboration of national stakeholders from the public and private sectors, civil society groups, development partners and donor agencies in achieving a common goal of financial inclusion.

Download the agenda