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RESEARCH: Scoping Insurance opportunities for fishing communities in Fiji

November 7, 2019

After the successful development of a bundled microinsurance product for farmer groups, the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) explored the demand for a specific insurance product for fishers in Fiji. Access to affordable insurance products allow Pacific Islanders to prepare themselves to better deal with the economic shock followed by unforeseen events, such as cyclones....

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OPINION PIECE: CHANGING TACK: Financing Development in Pacific SIDS due for a drastic re-think

October 14, 2019

Is the threat posed by accelerated climate change enough to push governments, development partners and other, sometimes forgotten stakeholders, such as the private sector to start thinking about unprecedented development finance solutions and more importantly dare to make bold decisions? And if it is, what might they look like?

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PoWER RESEARCH: Participation of women in the economy realized

August 23, 2019

Participation of Women in the Economy Realized - diagnostic is a mixed-methods approach combining qualitative and quantitative insights which supports the identification of country specific constraints that women and girls face

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