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Who Will Be There To Help, When You’re Not?

November 5, 2016

Seleima Veisamasama, wife of late veteran journalist Malakai Veisamasama, shares her experience of having a life insurance and its importance. Sitting in her living room with family portraits of her late husband behind her, Seleima Veisamasama is the epitome of a calm and confident woman despite the turmoil that she has experienced over the past...

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Protecting Your Family Early With Life Insurance

November 1, 2016

by Reserve Bank of Fiji School teacher Eparama Rauraumala, 29, almost decided to surrender his insurance policy when he ran into financial difficulties- holding on to the policy proved to be a wise decision. As a fresh graduate in 2009, Wainunu native Eparama Rauraumala did not have a lot of financial obligations. So the following...

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Cyclone Insurance: Do You Have It? Are You Protected?

October 31, 2016

by Reserve Bank of Fiji At 33, with a flourishing career as a banker and having just moved into his newly built home in Rakiraki, Vinal Kumar and his young family were living the dream. The future looked bright and everything seemed to be going right, until the unexpected suddenly happened. Just five months after...

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